Guela Solow-Ruda, Principal


Guela Solow-Ruda graduated from the Faculty of Architecture Landscape & Design at the University of Toronto in 1985 and became a registered architect with the Ontario Association of Architects in 1992. Registered to practice across Canada, Guela provides overall guidance regarding the firm's identity, future opportunities and design direction. Building consensus amongst diverse stakeholder groups in public/private partnerships is an unrivalled strength which has resulted in an exemplary portfolio of award-winning projects. Extending the boundaries of architecture to include urban, interior and graphic design, her theoretical influence has extended to the education of the next generation of architects as an adjunct professor, thesis advisor and international lecturer. She is the recipient of several federal CMHC grants, her work has received extensive acclaim and is cited as "an excellent example of the profound ability of art and architecture to transform space and human experience."