As we work together to navigate the rapidly changing environment in the context of COVID 19, we look forward to putting our best creative minds together to meet the exceptional challenges ahead. Strategies have been put in place to ensure our team is equipped to work from home. Until the situation is resolved, we will continue to rethink strategies to effect a 'business as usual' approach. We are extremely excited about the work currently in discussion, on the 'boards' and in construction - bring it on - we are ready!

To all of our colleagues and friends, we wish you good health in the workplace and at home.

Your friends at ARK

Firm Profile:

architects and beyond

Committed specifically to the interface of the profit and non-profit sector, the ARK studio engages a close-knit team of young Canadian designers to explore and challenge the boundaries of architecture. Beyond traditional disciplines of master planning, architecture, urban and interior design, the ARK team has expanded the limits of design to integrate a wide range of related services including virtual experience, film and animations, branding, signage and graphic design. Licensed to practice across Canada, with Building Code Designation and LEED certification, the ARK team has demonstrated design leadership in Inclusive Design, Wayfinding and Universal Accessibility. Building consensus amongst complex stakeholders, engaging diverse community groups, senior communities, and municipal / regional authorities are notable fields of excellence.

research and leadership

ARK has demonstrated leadership in healthy building design and has been recognized locally and internationally with numerous accolades and awards for advancing a wellness model across sectors. Published frequently, ARK has contributed extensively to the profession of architecture through appointments at the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at the University of Toronto, OCAD University (Ontario College of Art and Design), Syracuse University, Ryerson University, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, Ontario Association of Architects, the National Certification Architectural Registration Board Program and the City of Vaughan Urban Design Review Panel. ARK has also been the recipient of several federal research grants for projects which engage community stakeholders to explore critical issues related to inclusion and universal access.

knowledge and experience

Over 60 years in construction creates a knowledge-base of building technology and construction reality. Challenged by the specific financial and scheduling demands of the public and private sectors, ARK has demonstrated an ability to operate creatively within a framework of fiscal responsibility, both in terms of capital construction budgets and long-term maintenance costs. Combined strengths in Project Management and Document Coordination are critical fields of excellence that have resulted in long standing working relationships with many municipalities, public bodies, and charitable organizations. ARK has an excellent track record acting as Prime Consultant, in completing complex phased architectural projects on time and on budget.

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