Al Hertz Centre for Supportive and Palliative Care
at Princess Margaret Hospital


Toronto, Ontario

Ontario Association of Architects
Design Excellence Award, 2011

International Academy of Design & Health
Use of Art in the Patient Environment Award, 2011

International Academy of Design and Health
International Interior Design Award, 2011
Highly Commended

Photography by Peter A. Sellar, Andrew Ross

The Al Hertz Centre for Supportive and Palliative Care is exemplary in terms of Design Process. A model project, it demonstrates design achievements possible as a result of donor/stakeholder engagement. The design journey continues the strategies employed by the Harold and Shirley Lederman Palliative Care Centre, unifying the floor as a whole. The process unfolded with shared vision of physicians and donors, palliative patients their families and friends, architects and designers, nurses, maintenance staff, project managers, infection control experts and senior hospital administration. The design process aimed at maximizing shared resources and taking advantage of programmatic synergies, while maintaining independence in operations. A warm material palette and the universal theme of nature is employed throughout the centre, with glimpses of forests, oceans and mountains that help set the soft and quiet tone of the space.

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