Hannam Fertility Clinic (Phase I)


Toronto, Ontario

Client : Dr. Thomas Hannam

Within the highly emotional and often heart breaking field of fertility medicine, the Hannam Fertility Centre project creates a gentle environment of tranquility. Patient driven, the planning process focused on the needs of women and men throughout their experience at the centre. Based upon an integrated approach to circulation, the entry sequence, material palette, furnishings and signage all express a common message of human comfort, health and well being. Constructed of a warm palette of light natural woods and indirect lighting, the centre invites patients and staff to operate in a positive atmosphere of simplicity. Unstained woods, white leather, and gentle graphics define the main public space and circulation route. A natural palette of colours within a minimum spectrum creates subtle changes from the public waiting room to the private consultation and treatment areas. Transitions from common areas to treatment rooms occur seamlessly to allow for discretion and privacy. A series of semi-transparent screens, including one composed of violet flowers, divides public from private while allowing orientation and wayfinding. Constructed on a fast track schedule, this project was carried out with a Construction Management Delivery method. The physicians, nurses and administrative staff took an active part in the design consultative process while maintaining the expedited project schedule and budgetary constraints.

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