Schwartz / Reisman Community Centre (JCC)
at Lebovic Community Campus


Vaughan, Ontario

Client : UJA Federation of Greater Toronto

nternational Academy of Design & Health, 2013
International Salutogenic Design

Vaughan Urban Design Awards, 2005

Photography by Tom Arban, Peter A. Sellar

Located within a 50 acre Community Campus, the Community Centre (JCC) knits together community through all life's aspects. The complex integrates a multi-agency service centre, community health centre, early childhood education, aquatic and fitness recreation, art and dance culture, conference gathering and meeting celebration, holocaust remembrance, stories and text, to create a place for Jewish identity, history and culture.

With entrances to Bathurst Street, Weldrick Street, the Municipal Park and the Main Community Outdoor Square, the Community Complex is both visible and accessible from the entire neighbourhood/community, acting as a gateway to the Campus. The maintenance of views and vistas through the Community Complex to the community itself is one of the primary planning principles, consequently a prominent indoor 'street' spans the Complex from the main entrance on Bathurst Street on the east to the Main Community Square on the west. Intersecting this atrium is a perpendicular circulation route which extends beyond the complex to the local street fabric on the north and through the Municipal Park on the south.

The built form is defined by four building masses responding to four major program components. This approach reduces the scale of the facility to that of a human/pedestrian scale; it allows a stronger individual expression of program components and provides the opportunity for a phased construction program.

In order to maximize flexibility and extend the longevity of the building life span, a clear differentiation has been established between program specific space (eg. Sports facilities) vs. flexible program space (eg. office space) which can more easily respond to community needs which are likely to change over time.

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