Miles S. Nadal Community Centre (JCC)

Toronto, Ontario

Client : UJA Federation of Greater Toronto

Photography : Shai Gill

The Community Centre (JCC) is located in the downtown area of Toronto, at the corner of Spadina Avenue and Bloor Street, and has been an important element of the community's life in the city since its' construction in 1953. The original brick building was no longer able to respond to the community's changing needs. The old, brick elevation is revitalized with the addition of an energy-efficient, glazed curtain-wall and limestone panel cladding. The entrances are highlighted with structures of perforated material, with integral signage and display for the theatre. The Spadina Street side incorporates a curved, metal-clad arch, and quotes from the original building facade. The importance of the corner lead to the development of the building as a transparent, multi-functional space, mixing the differing community functions with entertainment and retail. The resulting building is a highly dynamic urban landmark, open to the public, attracting, welcoming, and revealing the activities within. The building image changes with the time of the day, light conditions and program schedule. The dominant nature of the building is reinforced by pedestrian traffic and the entrance locations to the community centre, cultural arts centre, coffee shop and retail.

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