Niagara Falls Entertainment Centre

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Client: OLG / Bird Construction

The Architectural Design builds on the OLG's guiding principles and vision to create a theatre that will enhance the surrounding area as a tourist destination and serve as the driving force of entertainment in the Fallsview Casino Resort. With flexibility as a design priority, the theatre will seamlessly host a wide variety of performances demonstrating cultural diversity while supporting all-ages population needs.

Carefully placed on this unique site, the theatre design itself is evocative of the Falls and the surrounding parkland. Subtle changes in the facade are a result of varying panel sizes and textures from glossy and reflective to matte finishes. Also, the playful use of transparencies and vertical geometries echo the Falls themselves while the glazed elements celebrate the idea of a spectacle typical of an entertainment district.

Inside, patrons will enjoy the intimacy of a venue designed to create an exceptional experience for both audience and performers, while being technologically sophisticated, animated and accessible. The room shaping and surface treatments are optimized for amplified sound, and offer a positive and state-of-the-art audio experience for every spectator.

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