Post Inn Village Long Term Care Facility

Oakville, Ontario

Client: Regional Municipality of Halton

This 228 bed Long Term Care facility for the Regional Municipality of Halton is located in Oak Park, a planned community in Oakville. The full breadth of community life including shopping, living and recreation are within walking distance of the project site, enabling the community to easily use the resources of the facility; and the residents to easily use the resources of the community. In order to encourage a strong relationship with the community the facility has been designed to include amenities on the Ground Floor including a Child Day Care, Meeting Rooms, Medical Facilities and Cafe which will be open to the entire community. Residents will greatly benefit from a home which is reminiscent of their previous homes, front porches look directly onto the existing street scape. Designed as the result of a highly collaborative process, the Allendale staff including administration, nursing, nutrition, recreation and maintenance were very involved in the design process. In addition, the larger stakeholder group including families, politicians, and the existing staff at large were involved in several evening design workshops.

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