The QUAD Student Residence (Phase II) at York University

In Progress

North York, Ontario

Client: Campus Suites

Originally a suburban campus, quite separate from the city, York's Keele Campus is maturing into a distinctly urban campus. The Quad Student Community Phase II further supports this new identity by transitioning between the Academic Core and the private residential developments south of Assiniboine Road. The greening of the Pond Road and creation of a prominent outdoor square at Haynes Avenue and The Pond Road signals the importance of this edge precinct development to the core academic campus.

A shared vision and integrated design process focused the creation of a dynamic, metropolitan, multi-faceted community which knits the core academic campus within the surrounding urban setting. Characterized by a human-scale and supported by a robust pedestrian, cycling and vehicular infrastructure, the development contributes to the creation of a community on an urban, university campus and local community scale. The quality of built form and unique expression celebrate the university edge, welcome the world to York and speak to York University's position as a pre-eminent post-secondary institution - dedicated to excellence, committed to community and cultivated on a tradition of innovation.

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