Mount Sinai Hospital at Sherman Health and Wellness Centre


Toronto, Ontario

Client : Mount Sinai Hospital

International Academy of Design & Health, 2014
Interior Design - Highly Commended

Photography by Tom Arban, ARK

The Sherman Health and Wellness Centre is an innovative new satellite facility for Mount Sinai Hospital. It includes a Family Medicine Clinic, a Functional Pain Rehabilitation program, and Visiting Specialist spaces. ARK was an integral part of the programming of the space, meeting with numerous user groups and completing functional program studies for more than five different departments considering co-locating in this space. By clustering exam rooms at the interior of the floor plate, and pushing circulation to the edge, the design allows for natural light to permeate the space. Graphic panels, subtly organized by time of day and colour tone, create a calming effect and provide for intuitive wayfinding in the space. Nature imagery was selected as part of the mandate of inclusion as nature imagery speaks to all regardless of age, ability, race, or creed. Careful space planning will allow the use of the clinic to evolve over time with minimal changes to the built form. This includes planning for future accommodation of an academic component for intern and resident physicians, fertility monitoring, and conversion to a pod-based Family Health Team.

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